Celebrated Cycle Journeys

'........ more than just a cycle ride!'


Tourists will always want to visit the places where we take holiday groups and we want to preserve them for future generations.

  • Where possible we use locally owned and run accommodation.
  • We use local equipment and vehicles when we can and hire them from local qualified agencies.
  • In most desitnations we aim to purchase our food from locally produced sources.
  • We encourage passengers to act in a responsible way and respect the local customs e.g. appropriate dress code, use water sparingly, ask permission to take photographs etc.
  • We always bear in mind environmental and cultural issues when looking at the holidays we develop.
  • We ensure that our holidays are appropriate to the local conditions and operate within the limits set by local infrastructure.
  • We regularly review our suggested packing lists to make sure they contain equipment which help prevent potential damage to the local environment.
  • We take responsibility for maintaining the environment and not leaving litter behind.
  • We take our own bin bags to destinations where they are difficult to procure.
  • We take note of any changes to the local environment through our tour manager, post holiday reports and act accordingly.
  • In the office we recycle our printer cartridges, paper is always reused where possible before recycling and we have started to use recycled paper for our mailings, brochures and booking packs.  We provide fair trade tea and coffee for staff and visitors.